Client Engagement

Over the last 18 years, thousands of managers have completed our on-site program mastering the 14 Core Management Competencies recognized by the American Management Association.

We are committed to continuous improvement. This series has been rigorously evaluated and is now in its 5th copyrighted edition.

We’re not fancy, we simply focus on what works:

Dynamic Instructors

Our instructors are highly effective. They are seasoned professionals, not simply “trainers”.


What gets measured gets rewarded. What gets rewarded gets done. ProManager tests – 4 times in 14 classes. Our participants learn what was taught (74.6% pre-test/97.8% post-test, average).

Key Steps

ProManager stresses step-by-step Execution, not theory. Participants are provided a pocket-sized Key Steps Flip Chart for ready reference.

Case Study

Seeing the concepts in action take the participants one step further in personal engagement. Our copyrighted Case Study follows the life span on an employee from “hire to fire”.


We believe in homework…each class begins with a review of the previous class assignments. This assures a full understanding & application of each principle.


Most management training fails to teach step-by-step execution. ProManager utilizes in-class role play to assure mastery.

Interactive Learning

Learning happens when the learner gets involved in the material & makes it personal. Our highly rated instructors engage each participant in critical thinking throughout each module, helping them to apply the concepts to their own experiences. The result is better retention and greater implementation, every time!


We know all companies do not operate the same way or during the same hours. We work when you work. Do you have a shift of overnight supervisors and managers to be trained? No problem. One of our manufacturing clients has training sessions running at 11:30 in the midday and again at 11:30 in the midnight!


Two hours Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

We have found that maximum retention happens when concepts are grouped together and taught with sufficient time between them. Providing time between modules also gives managers time to complete “homework” and begin to immediately implement ONE concept at a time. This step-by-step approach provides managers with the confidence to master the current concept before diving into the next. Participants routinely show up for the next session sharing success stories of implementing new principles with their staff. This is why our instructors love what they do so much!

Optimal Class Size

15-18 per class

Class size is critical – too small and the group lacks valuable interaction and learning through the experiences of each other; too large, effective engagement with each trainee suffers. We have found 15-18 to be the ideal size for a class. Most of our clients train more than 100 managers at any given location. For this reason, we teach several classes at a time per client engagement.

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We link learning to issues at your company creating measurable improvements. Our clients report a >300% ROI for their investment with ProManager.